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Elections, Not Political Deal Making, Should Earn Democrats Control of Committees

Elections, Not Political Deal Making, Should Earn Democrats Control of Committees

North Dakota Democrats hold just 22 seats out of 141 in the state Legislature. Because of this, during the regular legislative session, Democrats chair no committees. In fact, they don’t really have enough elected members of the Legislature to even cover all committee assignments. That’s as it should be. If Democrats want to control committees

Is the Fight to Keep BreatheND About Public Health or Big Salaries for Bureaucrats?

North Dakota needs to find ways to save money. In his final budget address to the Legislature in December former Governor Jack Dalrymple proposed eliminating the Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control. You know them as BreatheND, purveyors of those obnoxious and pervasive anti-smoking ads. Yesterday Governor Doug Burgum proposed his own tweaks to Dalrymple’s

Credit The Legislature, Not UND, For Protecting Fraternity Students

“UND deserves great credit for choosing not to launch its own investigation of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity,” writes the Grand Forks Herald editorial board today. “In making that choice, the university accepted conclusions made by the local and university police, made a judgment for a fraternity over a reported member of an historically oppressed minority group

State Lawmaker: Student Due Process Bill Likely Protected Fraternity From Overzealous Administration

Elsewhere on SAB today University of North Dakota student Joe Price, who is also the current president of that school’s chapter of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, writes about what he and his fraternity brothers experienced when they were falsely accused of a “hate crime” by a homosexual man. His descriptions are harrowing. “Local media jumped

Senate Approves Some Tough Budget Medicine For The ND University System

In yet another sign of just how far the North Dakota University System has fallen in the eyes of lawmakers the state Senate today largely backed the House version of HB1003, the university system budget. SAB readers will remember that when the House passed this budget the reductions in funding growth from Governor Jack Dalrymple’s

Student Body President: UND Tried To Hide Tuition Hikes From Legislature

If there is one area of policy that causes more rancor in the increasingly cold relationship between the Legislature and the North Dakota University System it is tuition. Many of the actions lawmakers have taken in recent years, up to and including an effort to take the control over tuition away from the universities, is

This Is The Part Where The Universities Threaten The Legislature

Remember during that federal government shut down not so long ago when President Barack Obama felt the only responsible way to respond was to block octogenarians from accessing open-air goverment monuments? It was a purely political move calculated to create a spectacle for the public performed in the most painful way possible. Obama may well

North Dakota House Takes Lawyers, Auditors Away From The University System

Over the last several months the North Dakota University System has had a nasty situation involving one of their former top lawyers, compliance officer Kirsten Franzen, and their former top auditor, Timothy Carlson. I say former for each because they were both fired. Carlson for allegedly lying on his resume to get hired, and Franzen


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