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Audio: Lawmaker Says Laws Need Reform, “We Need to Stop Treating Animals Like Human Beings”

Audio: Lawmaker Says Laws Need Reform, “We Need to Stop Treating Animals Like Human Beings”

Yesterday I wrote about a rancher in Stark County who is facing animal neglect charges. The case caught my eye because law enforcement officials tried to seize the man’s livestock – his very livelihood – without so much as a hearing at which he could defend himself. On my radio show I interviewed North Dakota

Rep. Ron Guggisberg (D-Fargo) speaks against legislation easing restrictions on selling homemade foods.

Video: House Passes Watered Down “Food Freedom Bill” After Feisty Debate

When Rep. Luke Simons (R-Dickinson) introduced HB1433 everyone was calling it the “raw milk bill.” Simons even posted a picture of himself on social media drinking a jar of raw milk on the House floor. But by the time the bill came up for a floor debate it had been amended so that raw milk

Audio: Organizer Says Legislation Would Give North Dakotans Freedom to Buy Foods Like Raw Milk

Raw milk, meaning milk that hasn’t been pasteurized, is something some people like to drink. In North Dakota the only legal way to get it is if you are an owner of the animal which produces the milk. There are things like animal shares which are legal. They’re exactly what they sound like. You purchase

Hundreds Of Activists Pack Republican District Conventions Across North Dakota

In his column today Mike Jacobs alludes to some interesting outcomes for Republican legislative races in three districts across the state: In District 28, William Kretschmar—a long-serving member of the North Dakota House—was defeated. He’s regarded as too tolerant on social issues. Likewise in District 36, Alan Fehr lost to a candidate who presented himself


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