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What If Colleges Aren’t Expanding Minds But Narrowing Them?

Attending college is hugely expensive these days. Between tuition, books, and room and board it is a major financial commitment. If you asked a representative sample of Americans what aspects of colleges justify that commitment they’d probably talk about things like career advancement, earning potential, and the experience of being on a campus and exposed

Feminist Hate Monger Jessica Valenti’s NDSU Event Will Likely Expose A Free Speech Double Standard

Extreme left-wing feminist activist Jessica Valenti is slated to speak at North Dakota State University later this week. That Valenti is a disgusting sort of misandrist seems obvious to me. But even so, I’m not interested in seeing her event blocked even though that seems to be the fashionable thing to do of late. That’s because

Grand Forks City Leader Trying To Walk Back Opposition To Free Speech

In today’s Grand Forks Herald city councilor and University of North Dakota professor Bret Weber tries to walk back comments he made about inhibiting free speech in his community. Weber, you might remember, organized a meeting of city leaders last week in an effort aimed at prohibiting or at least inhibiting future speeches in the

Grand Forks Councilman Summons Theater Owners To A Meeting Over Controversial Anti-Islam Speaker

UPDATE: Per KNOX radio host Ryan Cunningham, “No one from the Empire Arts Center will attend today’s meeting.” He adds that “The EAC has invited Bret Weber to their noon meeting next Wednesday to speak his piece, and that meeting will be open to the media.” At the University of Jamestown earlier this week campus officials

Irony: North Dakota University Home To Free Speech Legislation Moves Homosexuality Event Off Campus

Here’s some irony. During the legislative session earlier this year students and faculty from the private University of Jamestown successfully pushed for a bill that creates more free speech protections for campus journalists. Steve Listopad, one of the organizers of that effort who now works at Valley City State University, has even been awarded the Hugh Hefner

The Politics Of Shallow Gestures

It is de rigueur in modern America that any tragedy elevated to national headlines will be shaped and crammed into the narratives of our left/right political dynamic. Usually mass shootings are pitched into the morass that is our national debate over gun control policy, but because perpetrator of the shooting at a historically black church in Charleston was

Hillary Clinton: America Would Be Less Violent If Weren’t For All This Free Speech

In the digital age I guess we’re not ever going to live through the sort of tragedy we just saw in South Carolina without seeing it turned into a justification for more laws and restrictions by the sort of people who think every problem can be solved by more laws and restrictions. Usually, and certainly

Not A Single Democrat Speaks In Favor Of Anti-Free Speech Bill They Introduced

North Dakota Demcorats, since they can’t seem to win enough elections to be all that relevant to governing the state, are fond of introducing stunt bills which they can then turn into talking points for the media. Case in point, HCR3050 which would seek to restrict the political activities of corporations. As I’ve mentioned previously,


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